About Jody Kriss

Jody Kriss, co-founder of East River Partners, LLC.

Jody Kriss
Co-founder of East River Partners

Jody Kriss, as co-founder and principal of East River Partners, has been integral in the financing and development of multiple exciting projects in New York City. East River Partners have created a new business model for real estate development, combing the investment and development into one in-house model. Rather than partnering with a local developer or an equity partner, the East River Partners are able to streamline the process into a single, well-oiled entity. And since their founding in 2010, they have been seeing the advantage of their model. ERP has completed and in-progress developments in Manhattan and Brooklyn.Jody Kriss is a results-oriented and driven leader. For his entire 16-year career, Jody has been developing and financing prime New York City real estate. Even before helping to found ERP, Jody was making impressions as a partner in Bayrock Group, LLC. There, Jody was instrumental in the development of a 47-floor hotel project in Manhattan. While at Bay Rock, LLC, Jody gained experience in Brooklyn real estate through the assemblage of a 100,000 square foot residential development site.Jody Kriss has always been focused on achieving all he can in life. That sense of drive started at a young age. You don’t get to be the co-founder and principal at an elite level real estate development firm by settling for ‘good enough’. Jody’s hard work early in life allowed him to attend the prestigious Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University. Wharton is regularly rated the number one business school in the country. Founded in 1881 through a donation by Joseph Wharton, the program is actually the first business school directly associated with an institution of higher learning. The Wharton School selects its students through a stringent application process, seeking out the individuals who will be the future leaders. Jody Kriss certainly fit the bill. The Ivy League was just a starting point for Jody Kriss.An undergraduate degree from Wharton is generally considered on par with an MBA from a different business school, so Jody didn’t feel the need to further his education after graduating in 1997. He took his first job at the Athena Group and began seeking out success. He started as a project manager, helping to develop high-end condominiums at premier New York City locations. He moved onto an Associate role at APC Realty Advisors, an investment banking firm. Again, Jody contributed to the acquisition and development of high-end real estate, notably a 100,00 square foot conversion in Tribeca.The list of Jody Kriss’ professional accomplishments is long. However, Mr. Kriss is always looking forward – to the next challenge. East River Partners, LLC is currently developing two projects in Brooklyn and two in Manhattan. The team at ERP is concerned chiefly with producing beautiful, desirable homes. The pay the utmost attention to details so that when a new owner or renter moves in, they feel at ease and at home. With Jody Kriss’ leadership, East River Partners are able to achieve just that.